for Boston/Waltham AUDI owners:
AUDI service with original parts and quality lubricants at least 20% lower the cost ...

How can you reduce the cost of your VW's servicing by 20% or more?

The high cost VW owners have pay to service their vehicle at brand service stations in and around Boston can be quite alarming. One way to save money is to do the work yourself but unfortunately, many owners lack the time, tools, and most importantly, the experience to work on such high performance vehicles on their own. You may ask yourself how owners can get service they can trust and the price they deserve. By taking a few simple steps, we here at Rayteam Automotive can answer all of your questions and provide you great quality service. This is something we guarantee.

Our clients save significant amounts because:

- We charge far less in labor then the dealer

- Rather than replace a part that has minor damage we can simply repair it instead.


What can you find here?

Free diagnostic



Is you vehicle not running correctly? Is your check engine light on? You don’t want to pay the high fees that often come with a diagnostic, so come to Rayteam Automotive, where we provide free diagnostics. We have the latest dealer grade diagnostic equipment for BMW, Audi, VW and all imported vehicles. Have any questions regarding your vehicle that you would like to ask? Ask away. Your vehicle is very important investment and here at Rayteam Automotive we want to keep your investment working 100%. Contact us any time and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Professional Technicians



We are a full service automotive repair shop specializing in VW vehicles.We have the latest in diagnostic software for the brands we specialize in, although we also service all makes and models. Our professional technicians have over 30 years of combined experience and the automotive diagnosis and repair field, and we will stop at nothing to assure that every customer of ours is pleased with their experience here.

What We Use

OEM and High Quality

parts, what we use

At Rayteam Automotive, we believe in using only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and quality parts for every service and repair we perform, right down to the oil we put in each car. Low quality bargain brand oils may seem like they're saving you money now, but you'll pay more in the long run. As the old saying goes, 'When you pay cheap you pay twice!' Cheap oil does not provide the necessary protection required by high compression engines, and can lead to seals needing to be replaced earlier than usual, and in extreme cases even engine bearing failure!
High quality full synthetic German oil is ALL we use. Sure it may cost a little more than the bargain oil changes, but so does eating healthy, and we believe your car should eat healthy too!




more horsepower

Do you want to be your VW even stronger? Our service's mechanical and electronic tuning solutions can help both of these.


Example: PERFORMANCE EXHAUST SYSTEM - h.i.d. lighting kit, wheels, suspension, or interior and exterior accessories, we do it all!




2 YEAR/24.000MILES

24 month / 24000 miles warranty on approved repairs!

Predictable costs, without risk! If you don't like unexpected expenses or you would like to rule out the possibility that a major failure due to extra expenses, you can opt for a flat rate service! This means that you must pay a pre-determined fixed fee and if your car breaks down, we take on the full cost of service, be it whatever!



and customer satisfaction

Honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction are the pillars of our business, and the reason for our continued commitment to our customers.

We treat all our valued customers with courtesy, respect, and honesty.

and more…


Rayteam Automotive donates a portion of every transaction to …

Rayteam Automotive donates a portion of every transaction to St. Jude Children's Hospital. This means that every customer we do business with is helping to make a donation to help kids in need. You can feel good about your purchase at Rayteam Automotive.



No risk!

We are so confident in the quality of our service and our expertise we will provide to our customers a full 100% Satisfaction guarentee.

The words "I wish I went somwhere else" is something we dont like hearing here at Rayteam Automotive. So with that said if you are unsatisfied with our work we will fully refund all of the money spent on service with no questions asked!

So we make your car better! Check our works!


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